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Since 1965, our musical service has been a melodic journey, evolving with time

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Welcome to Yubak Brass Band

Yubak Brass Band is a notable Wedding Band Baja in Kathmandu, Nepal Since 1965. Yubak Brass Band play a different kind melodious and wonderful beats to make your events more memorable, enjoyable and special. We compose and perform a variety of music to make your occasion more memorable like corporate events, glamorous marriage, private parties, bratabandha and so on.

The band consists of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds ranging from Nepali to Bollywood and Classical, they play a range of instruments including, Trumpets, Euphonium, Clarinet, Saxophones, Dhol Drums and Percussion.

Always remember for Band Baja, Panche Baja, Orchestra and other traditional musical bands. We have been providing quality service in band baja field at a very reasonable price. Our musicians are well trained, experienced, qualified and committed toward their profession.


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Band Baja (Brass Band)

Band Baja is worldwide famous for brass band. Its has include the instrument of Trumpet, Clarinet, Euphonium, Saxophone, Dhol (Drums) and Percussion. Band Baja has the member of 11 to 50 peoples according to clients need.

Panche Baja

Panche Baja is typical Nepali Traditional Baja including instrument of Sanai, Jyali, Dama, Dhalaki, Tyamko and Narsinga or Karnal. The group of five people is called Panche Baja and group of nine people is called Naumati Baja.

Orchestra Band

We also provide orchestra band for reception parties, inauguration or any kind of private parties. It includes a set of guitar, keybard, drums, saxophone, trumpet, violin, flute and singers.


Bagpiper are a woodwind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag. We provide Bagpiper team of 9 members including Bagpiper and drums.

Chariot (Baggi)

In ancient times, chariots were fast-moving vehicles with two wheels that were pulled by horses. Now it has been using on wedding ceremony. It gives you a feel of Royal life. We provide Chariots with decoration and make your day very special.

Sound System & DJ

We also take pride in offering comprehensive sound solutions tailored to our clients’ unique preferences and event requirements. Our cutting-edge sound systems are designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience for your audience.

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What People Say

Hem Raj Bhatt


Yubak Band Baja's Brass and Panche Baja services made my wedding truly unforgettable! Their mind-blowing musicianship marked my celebration as the talk of the town. Even my neighbors were impressed and now plan to book them for their events.

Bika KC

Kathmandu, Nepal

” People will have to thinks about this ybb, The name of entertainment is only ybb The no one then ybb full thrill The isolated taste Thanks for u make my that days with ma kanxi annivarsary days

Arun Karki


“The best brass in town …… Feels like marrying twice!!! Loved the music and the band. Cheers!!!!!”

Dimebag Anmol


last year this band performed on my wedding, its very nice band i have ever seen.

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